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University of Wisconsin – Madison

Re: Definitions

Lisa, thanks for the chance to comment.  See my notes below.  Jocelyn

I do think that joint degrees need to be distinguished from dual degrees, and note that the definitions apply domestically as well as internationally.

Joint degrees are those in which a student gets a single degree that is authorized from *both* institutions, and the institutional faculty (and governing boards) share governance authority for the program.

Dual degrees are those in which a student completes the requirements for two degrees from two different institutions, usually with efficiencies in course taking.


*/International Internship/* – A short-term work experience with international organizations for the purposes of applying certain classroom knowledge in an international setting or gaining greater understanding of a given field in an international context.

Specify if the internship is for pay or for credit?  Provide more detail about how this differs from either working abroad or study abroad?  Does it have to be university-endorsed or arranged?


*/Articulation Program/* – Agreement allowing international students who successfully complete designated courses at the partnering interational institution to transfer with an advanced standing to the partnering UW institution.

An articulation agreement is usually used when the course work at institution A doesn’t align with the coursework at institution B.  So at entry to institution B, institution B skips the credit transfer process and sets the student at some specified advanced standing level.  Perhaps expand here to clarify that this is different from advanced standing based on credit transfer for similar work?


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