Global University: Dual/Joint Degree Working Group


University of Wisconsin – Madison

Meeting: Jan 8, 2010

Jan 8, 2010

Present: Gilles Bosuquet; Judith Kornblatt; John Ohnesorge; Jocelyn Milner; Kris Olds, Lisa Beckstrand; Francois Ortalo-Magne, Chris Craven, Masarah Van Eyck, Cynthia Williams


[NB: these are not meeting notes, which are much more comprehensive]
In the first meeting, members of the group discussed the need for clear definitions of various types of degrees (joint, dual, double, etc.), noting that there is a continuum from physical universities abroad to informal faculty collaboration.

The group also listed the benefits of pursuing the institutionalization of some sort of degree partnership with other institutions–everything from increasing the visibility and brand of the university to demonstrating the deep commitments our university is willing to enter into with other partners.  While a potential revenue source, the establishment of joint/dual degrees is more importantly a political imperative in a global knowledge economy.

The group also examined the obstacles inherent in the degree project, including accreditation issues and issues of shared faculty governance.

Next steps were established with a member named to each responsibility.


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